We are trying to be disciples of Jesus who make disciples who make disciples who…. well, you get the idea.

A disciple is a person who is learning to follow Jesus, the Son of God. Jesus leads us to God, leads us through a life marked by challenge, reward, loving service, opportunity, and meaning. Even though Jesus faithfully leads, learning to follow him is rarely smooth and steady.

We grow.

We stall.

We might even fall back. And then grow again.

But here’s the think; God never gives up. He is a loving Father – the way fathers are supposed to be. God is Jesus the son who is fully God and fully human – being human, he knows what it is to struggle. God is the Holy Spirit – the power of God in us, nudging and nurturing us along the way.

Now that you’re here, we hope you stay for a while. Check us out. Read more about what we believe. Learn about how we worship – you can watch or listen to previous services. See what we do each week apart from Sunday worship. Maybe we can help you be a disciple. Maybe you can help us.

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